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AGBU Schools

AGBU’s well recognized schools have always strived for academic excellence. Their comprehensive curricula, with a focus on the arts, humanities and sciences, keep students engaged and challenged.

All of the institutions follow and apply the requirements of the countries in which they operate and remain fully integrated within the social and cultural environment of their respective local communities. At the same time, AGBU schools maintain an emphasis on learning the Armenian language, culture and history through traditional and innovative instruction, including the use of virtual classrooms with the Armenian Virtual College (AVC) and organized trips to Armenia. A recent addition to certain curricula includes the establishment of exchange programs for AGBU schools, further enhancing the experience of students and educators alike. Programming in all our schools continues to evolve to ensure students receive quality education comparable with top local institutions.

A supplement to Armenian curriculum in schools, the Armenian Virtual College (AVC), has proven to be an invaluable resource to students by not only assisting in instruction in courses but also by conducting joint conferences amongst students on a global e-learning platform. AVC has become an equally important resource for those who do not have traditional schools in their communities providing a respected venue for students seeking college-level instruction in Armenian language, history, religion, architecture and arts.

Every year, AGBU serves close to 5,000 students. In addition to our day schools that span a range of grade levels from Pre-K -12, the AGBU extension schools and summer academies guarantee that AGBU youth around the world receive a high-quality education, no matter what the day or season.

AGBU operates the following schools in Europe — please contact your local chapter for more information:

Elementary & Secondary Schools:
• Greece, Athens: Artaki Kalpakian School

Saturday & Summer Schools:
• Bulgaria, Dobrich: Saturday School
• Bulgaria, Haskovo: Saturday School
• Bulgaria, Plovdiv: Saturday School
• France, Paris: Alex Manoogian Saturday School
• France, Vienne: Weekly School