• Musical Armenia

Musical Armenia

Date:10 July 2017 - 30 July 2017
Website: http://www.agbuperformingarts.org/musical-armenia-program/

The three-week summer adventure for musicians and music lovers aged 15+will be held from July 10 to July 30.

While living in Yerevan, participants to Musical Armenia will have the opportunity to take master classes and go to specialized lectures, train and network with top musicians, perform at local venues, attend concerts and festivals, and establish professional connections.

Through organized activities and country-wide tours, MAP artists will go beyond the classroom and concert halls, discovering the sights and sounds that inspire them. All lectures are in Armenian and English with simultaneous translation into English to accommodate non-Armenian speakers.

MAP’s one-on-one lessons with world-renowned artists will focus on:

  • Western classical and Armenian traditional instruments
  • Composition
  • Conducting
  • Vocal training

MAP’s workshops will cover the history of Armenian music, including:

  • Ancient notational system (khaz)
  • Armenian composers of the Ottoman Empire
  • Classical
  • Contemporary
  • Dance
  • Medieval
  • Minstrel (ashugh)
  • Soviet
  • Spiritual
  • Jazz

For more information, please write to: musicalarmenia@agbu.org or visit: http://www.agbuperformingarts.org/musical-armenia-program/