European Union Global Diaspora Facility collaborates with AGBU on Empowering Women Entrepreneurs through Diaspora Expertise

9 July 2021

Through its Capacity Development Lab initiative in Armenia, the European Union Global Diaspora Facility (EUDiF) is collaborating with AGBU Europe on AGBU’s Women Entrepreneurs (AGBU WE) programme, bringing diaspora experts to Armenia. The initiative aims to support AGBU’s diaspora mentorship programme that connects the talents of Armenian diaspora from Europe with women entrepreneurs in Armenia.

Since the launch of EUDiF’s initiative in June, AGBU has successfully organised two on-site training sessions. In early June, 12 women entrepreneurs gathered in AGBU’s Yerevan office for a session on hospitality and tourism with diaspora mentor Greg Guerguerian from Belgium. A few days later, another batch of 10 women entrepreneurs joined diaspora mentor Gayane Khodaveerdi from Italy for a training session on fashion.

With the technical and logistical support from EUDiF, four more sessions (two in-person and two online) between European Diaspora mentors and AGBU WE participants in Armenia are currently scheduled for July, on a wide array of topics, including the export of products into EU markets.

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