Commemorating April 24 Together at Home

5 May 2020

Wherever they took place, this year’s April 24 commemorations of the Armenian genocide could not involve actual gatherings, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. The 105th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide was therefore marked by a wide array of online commemorations, connecting millions of people around the globe to pay tribute to the victims of the 1915 genocide. In Europe, musicians took part in tribute concerts from their homes in Brussels, Berlin, Paris and Barcelona while a great number of public figures in several European countries gave online speeches to express their sympathy and to support Armenian communities in their demand for action to combat its active and persistent denial.

On this occasion, the newly created AGBU chapter in Germany hold its first event – an online commemoration with the participation of German MP’s, scholars and journalists and with the support of the Armenian Embassy and of the Armenian Diocese of Germany. AGBU Europe President Nadia Gortzounian also took part in the commemoration video produced by AGBU Germany and shared her enthusiasm about the “new Armenian generation who grew up in Germany and who are now taking the torch”, adding that “AGBU Germany will help network Armenians, particularly young Armenians professionals, and they will help give greater visibility and voice to Armenians and to their culture in Germany”.

 To watch the commemoration by AGBU Germany, click HERE. (subtitles available in English)

To watch the commemoration by AGBU France, click HERE.

To watch the commemoration by AGBU Holland, click HERE.

To watch the commemoration supported by AGBU-ACAB in Barcelona, click HERE

To watch the tribute concert supported by AGBU Europe, click HERE.