• Day Trip to “Cyrillic Yard” by AGBU Plovdiv – Bulgaria

Day Trip to “Cyrillic Yard” by AGBU Plovdiv – Bulgaria

27 June 2017

On April 10, 2017, AGBU Plovdiv organized a trip to the historic capital of Bulgaria – Pliska – for the children of the Saturday School and for the Ladies Club .

The children visited Cyrillic Yard, a park frequently visited by tourists, created by Karen Alexander (born in Armenia) in 2015. The two-meter Bulgarian letters set in the garden were made out of tuff stone by the well-known master Ruben Nalbandian in Armenia.

The group also had the opportunity to visit the museum painting exhibition at the Cyrillic Yard. They learned that Bulgarian Tsar Boris I accepted Christianity from Patriarch Photius, a prominent Byzantine clergyman of Armenian origin, in the 9th century .

The day trip was a way to reward the children for their diligence and regular attendance at the Armenian language and Armenian dance classes, as well as a way to thank the members of the Ladies Club, who have been very active in the life of AGBU Plovdiv.