Photo exhibition “A Europe of Diasporas” hosted by the Governor of Plovdiv

4 July 2016

At the initiative of Haik Garabedian (chairman of AGBU YP-Plovdiv and board member of AGBU Europe) and the board of AGBU YP-Plovdiv, the international photo exhibition “A Europe of Diasporas” was hosted at the Regional Administration of the city of Plovdiv from June 27 to July 1, 2016. It was held under the patronage of the Governor of Plovdiv, Mr. Zdravko Dimitrov. The images illustrate the life and legacy of Jewish, Armenian, Roma and Assyrian Diasporas in Europe and show their cultural patterns and relationships.

Mr. Dimitrov pointed out that the most natural venue for such an exhibition is the city of Plovdiv, as it has for centuries been known for its tolerance towards different ethnic communities. “Our city is known for its peaceful environment and a complete harmony where Armenians, Roma, Greeks, Jews and other minorities live together from centuries. We have always helped each other in difficult moments, celebrate holidays together and build a common future,” stated the Governor.

Andreea Tanase, the winner of the international photo competition “A Europe of Diasporas”, thanked Mr. Dimitrov and shared her impressions.

Among the nearly 100 attendees, special guests were the spiritual leader of Armenians in Plovdiv – father Hrach Muradyan, the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Armenia in Plovdiv, Mr. Ehiyazar Uzunyan, President of Shalom – Eng. Svetozar Kalev, Chairlady of AGBU Sofia – Sonia Bedrosian, the creator of the Court of the Cyrillic alphabet and prominent businessman, Mr. Karen Aleksanyan and many other prominent citizens and public figures.

The exhibition consists of 20 prints selected among the entries of an international photo competition organized in the first three months of 2016. The entries into the competition presented personal perspectives on the life and heritage of the Jewish, Armenian, Roma and Assyrian diasporas in Europe. The exhibition thus puts on display the beautiful work of 14 outstanding photographers from 11 different European countries. These photos were first exhibited in the European Parliament on May 2 during the conference “A Europe of Diasporas”.

The next stop of the exhibition is Italy, where it will be a part of the festival “Faito Doc Festival” in Monte Faito, near Naples.

The project “A Europe of Diasporas” is funded by the European Union.


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