• AGBU YP-Plovdiv Members Met With The Governor of Plovdiv

AGBU YP-Plovdiv Members Met With The Governor of Plovdiv

6 January 2016

On January 6, 2016, the board of AGBU YP-Plovdiv, AGBU-Plovdiv members and other prominent Armenians met with the Governor of Plovdiv, Mr. Zdravko Dimitrov.

A number of representatives of the Armenian community in Plovdiv were hosted at the regional administration offices in Plovdiv on the occasion of the Armenian Christmas. For over an hour, Mr. Dimitrov and his guests talked about the past and the upcoming holidays, discussed topics related to business and cultural activities of the Armenian community.

AGBU YP Plovdiv chairmen Haik Garabedian presented to Mr. Dimitrov a proposal prepared by “AGBU-SOFIA Chamber Orchestra” and the chairperson of AGBU-Sofia, Ms. Sonya Avakian-Bedrossian to organise a concert in Plovdiv which was welcomed by the Governor.  The Armenian guests wished Mr. Dimitrov to continue his energetic work and to extend his wise and beneficial decisions for the development of the Plovdiv area during his term.