• European Road Show Promotes Armenia’s ICT sector with AGBU support

European Road Show Promotes Armenia’s ICT sector with AGBU support

29 October 2015

Brussels, Belgium

More than 40 representatives of Armenia’s Information and Communication Technology companies visited Brussels, Paris and Marseille and other European cities in October to meet with local companies. The project “Armenian ICT European Expedition Auto Rally” aimed to present the capacity and achievements of one of the most rapidly growing sectors of Armenia’s economy to the European partners.

The project, which was launched on October 1in Yerevan, Armenia, travelled to 20 European countries. It was initiated by the Technology and Science Dynamics company (TSD) and the New Technology Education Foundation (NTEF) of Armenia with the support of the Government of Armenia as well as of the AGBU.

As a part of expedition a business forum entitled “Cooperation opportunities between Armenia and Belgium” was held in Brussels on October 19. This forum gave a chance to the IT specialists from Armenia and Belgium to discuss existing opportunities for cooperation in the IT sector and identify investment opportunities in Armenia. Subsequently AGBU chapters in Paris and Marseille hosted the forums and B2B meetings of Armenian and French IT specialists.

“ICT is rapidly becoming a lead sector in Armenia’s economy. Since the independence it has always been our ambition to create a modern knowledge based economy,” said Tatoul Markarian, the Ambassador of Armenia in Belgium in his opening remarks.