• 100th Genocide commemorations: AGBU Europe to join European delegation to Turkey; supports joint appeal

100th Genocide commemorations: AGBU Europe to join European delegation to Turkey; supports joint appeal

23 April 2015

The Armenian organisation AGBU Europe, the European Grassroots Anti-racist Movement (EGAM) and the Turkish movement DurDe! (“Say Stop”) invite all concerned to sign onto a public appeal issued on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide that will take place on April 24, 2014. The appeal calls upon all Europeans to support those commemorating the Armenian Genocide in Istanbul, Turkey, in a spirit of “recognition, solidarity, justice, and democracy”.

The text is available for online signature  at a dedicated web site: http://www.remember24april1915.eu/

The Istanbul commemorations will be one among numerous commemorations taking place around the world on the occasion of the destruction of the Armenian people in Turkey and of their civilization, in 1915. The world media are already abundantaly covering this historic landmark. The European Parliament itself recently adopted a commemorative resolution, at AGBU Europe’s initiative.

Commemorations in Istanbul have only been tolerated since 2010. Civil society has a vital role to play in Turkey to advance awareness of the issue and combat intolerance. This is why AGBU Europe, along with its partners, including DurDe and EGAM, have led European delegations to the Istanbul commemorations in 2013 and 2014; and why they will do so again this week.

Many events are scheduled in Istanbul this week. The delegation’s programme is available online at : http://agbueurope.org/events/24th-of-april-2015-commemoration-of-the-armenian-genocide-in-istanbul/

The programme of commemorations in Istanbul will culminate on April 24th, 2015 at the symbolic time of 19.15 on Taksim Square. Commemorative events will also be held at Haydarpasha train station, where community leaders were deported from and at Sultanahmet, a former prison where they were held prior deportations.

The full programme of the week in Istanbul: http://agbueurope.org/events/24th-of-april-2015-commemoration-of-the-armenian-genocide-in-istanbul/

Campaign web site: http://www.remember24april1915.eu/

The campaign on the web: http://www.remember24april1915.eu/

The campaign on facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Remember24April2015

AGBU Europe: www.agbueurope.eu and facebook.com/agbueurope

DurDe!: www.durde.org


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More about AGBU Genocide Centennial Commemoration Programme: http://agbueurope.org/programs/100th-anniversary-of-the-armenian-genocide/