AGBU Europe Asks Euro-Candidates to State Position on 7 Key Issues

28 May 2009

The Armenian organization AGBU Europe has launched a pre-electoral campaign asking candidates in the European elections for their position on key issues.

In June 2009, many of the one million Armenians in Europe will have a chance to vote in the European elections. Their vote could affect the future of Armenia or that of the Diaspora: the European Union makes important decisions for all Europeans, including Armenians around Europe.

The campaign consists in asking candidates in every EU country 7 questions on relevant EU policies and in publishing their answers. This will provide Europeans, Armenians included, with information to help them choose between candidates on election day. Crucially, it will raise awareness among candidates and remind them that their electors care about these issues.

Relevant EU policies include those that concern Armenia’s future European integration and the newly launched Eastern Partnership, policies on culture, language and freedom and justice; peace-making in the South Caucasus and the future of Nagorno-Karabakh; and Turkey’s accession prospects and the recognition of the Armenian genocide.

With this campaign, the organisation hopes to encourage Armenians in Europe to form an opinion on EU policies and to use their vote knowingly. The campaign also intends to generate debate and raise awareness among future members of the European Parliament about these important questions.

The Armenian Diaspora in the EU is estimated at around one million. Though the Diaspora has a very long history in many European countries, most European Armenians trace their roots to the Republics of Turkey or Armenia. For more information on Armenians and Europe, see

Individuals and organizations interested in raising these issues with their candidates to the European elections are encouraged to contact them and publicize their answers. All information about the campaign, including the 7 questions, answers received and the contact coordinates of the main political parties running in the European elections in each country can be found at: