What is Russia’s strategy in the South Caucasus – Conference in Paris, France

Date:22 September 2017
Time:8:00 pm
Address: Centre Culturel Alex Manoogian
118 rue de Courcelles
75017 Paris

Nouvelles d’Arménie Magazinein partnership with UGAB France is organizing the 7th edition of Rendez-vous des NAM.

The conference will host Andreï Gratchev, former spokesperson of Mikhaïl Gorbatchev, who will be speaking on the following subject: « What is Russia’s strategy in the South Caucasus ? »

What is Russia’s game in the South Caucasus? An ally for Armenia on one side, Russia also maintains close relationships with Azerbaijan, notably through its extended sell of arms and equipment. Azeris used this equipment against Armenians during the 4-day war in April 2016. For years, Baku has been intensifying its relationship with Moscow in order to break the traditional alliance between Russia and Armenia. In  Armenia, people’s discontent towards the Russian older brother is a sign of a real disappointment and preoccupation. Armenians are concerned and watch carefully what Russia has been doing in Ukraine, Georgia and Syria.

The conference is in French.

For reservation, please contact: contact@ugabfrance.org

Portrait d'Andreï Gratchev. 15 Octobre 2014.Crédit:Magali Bragard