Director Nicolas Tavitian discusses AGBU Europe priority programmes for Armenia with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan

19 July 2018

On July 10, Nicolas Tavitian, director of AGBU Europe, met with Nikol Pashinyan, Prime Minister of Armenia. The meeting took place after Mr. Pashinyan’s participation in a NATO Summit in Brussels and in a series of meetings with the European institutions. The meeting was also attended by Ambassador Tatul Markaryan, Education Minister Arayk Harutunyan and by Arsen Kharatyan, advisor to the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister began by expressing his satisfaction with his visit and with the outcome of his meeting with EU and NATO leaders. “This was a welcome opportunity to get to know many of my European partners”, he said.

Nicolas Tavitian expressed the enthusiasm which he, like many, feel as a new era dawns on Armenia. He told the Pime Minister that AGBU Europe is committed to the new government’s success, as it is to the success of the country. Said Tavitian: “democratic progress in Armenia is a source of great pride for all Armenians. Many people are now more eager to contribute, and it is our mission to help them do so”.

Nikol Pashinyan gave Tavitian the opportunity to outline some of AGBU’s key programmes in Europe as well as in Armenia. They discussed in particular the “Goriz” leadership training programme for Armenian young professionals in the diaspora and in Armenia. The Prime Minister expressed the wish that this programme should contribute to his ambition to engage young diaspora professionals in Armenia.

The Prime Minister and Tavitian also discussed EU policy and support programmes regarding Armenia and in particular how to formulate support programmes that best serve reforms in Armenia. They also touched on AGBU Europe’s awareness raising activities and Ambassador Tatul Markaryan referred to some of the organization’s most recent work in this regard, including the recent Musical Week-End hosted by the City of Brussels and the Boghossian Foundation in June 2018 to mark the centenary of the independence of the First Republic of Armenia in the European capital.