• AGBU families of Athens and YP Plovdiv come together for a weekend

AGBU families of Athens and YP Plovdiv come together for a weekend

9 March 2017

AGBU members from Athens and YP-Plovdiv had the unique opportunity to come together and to learn from each other, during an exciting weekend on February 10-12, 2017.

The visit was organized by AGBU Athens at the initiative of Setrak Abassian (YP Athens Chair), Levon Aghazarian, Hampig Aghazarian and Haik Garabedian (YP Plovdiv chair, AGBU Europe Board Member).

On Friday, February the 10th the football team of AGBU YP Plovdiv arrived in Athens for an eventful weekend and a friendly football match against AGBU Athens’ Massis squad.

On their first day, YP Plovdiv visited the AGBU Athens premises where they were greeted by the staff, teachers and students.

The highlight of the weekend was the football game between AGBU Massis and YP Plovdiv teams, which took place on Saturday afternoon. The match ended with a draw of 6-6.

At the end of the match an award ceremony took place where Ardashes Krimlioglou and the late Hagop Aghazarian where honoured for their dedication and service to AGBU Massis football team.

On Sunday, YP Plovdiv attended the Sunday mass at the Armenian Church of St. Mary followed by a visit to the Ararat Cultural and Sports Union.

The weekend ended with the best of impressions for both sides. Team leaders Levon Aghazarian (Athens) and Haig Garabedian (Plovdiv) stressed the importance of hosting events like this which bring together AGBU members from different chapters and strengthen the bonds between them. Both teams decided to meet again in the coming weeks, this time in Plovdiv.

This was just the beginning of a long-term cooperation between AGBU Bulgaria and Greece. A cooperation which will focus on the personal and professional development of the new generation of Armenians of both communities.