Chairlady of Sofia chapter met with student union at Veliko Tarnovo University

5 March 2015

During the friendly meeting Mrs. Avakian-Bedrossian introduced the students with the broad scope of activities of the organization and together with them discussed some activities for the 100 anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, which AGBU Sofia and the student organization plan to conduct together during 2015.

The young people with huge interest reviewed a scaled monument of the Genocide in Armenia, made with lots of love and skills by the children from the Sunday school HayLer, part of the organization of AGBU Sofia.

At the end of the meeting Mrs. Avakian-Bedrossian expressed her gratitude to Ivaylo Dzhiliyanov and Peter Petrov and applauded their interest towards the destiny of the Armenian people and wished them success in all their initiatives.

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