• AGBU Condemns Bombings of Aleppo’s Nor Kyugh Quarter and Syrian-Armenian Communities

AGBU Condemns Bombings of Aleppo’s Nor Kyugh Quarter and Syrian-Armenian Communities

17 June 2014

Emergency Humanitarian Aid Efforts Continue Across the Country

This week, Syria’s civil war continued to escalate, as Armenian communities in Aleppo’s Nor Kyugh quarter, and across the country, became the targets of mortar attacks, shelling and bombing on an unprecedented scale. As this violence continues to unfold, the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) is calling on the international community to take immediate measures to safeguard civilians and to implement a ceasefire so that humanitarian aid may reach those in conflict zones.

The most recent wave of attacks claimed the lives of scores of innocent Syrian-Armenians and devastated whole districts. In Nor Kyugh, which is primarily populated by Armenians, as well as elsewhere in Syria, Armenian schools, churches, residential buildings, factories and shops were completely destroyed. Hundreds of families have been forced to flee their homes, barely escaping death before finding refuge in relatively safe areas.

AGBU strongly condemns the heinous attacks on Syrian Armenians who, since the start of the war, have continuously advocated for peace and tranquility. The violence against residential areas of Syrian Armenians, which began in Kessab in March and continues today in the Nor Kyugh region and other Aleppo districts that are densely populated by Armenians, threaten the very existence of Armenians in the city, and their right to live safely and in dignity.

AGBU is calling for an immediate ceasefire, and is ready and able to deliver humanitarian aid to those in need. AGBU is also ready to partner with all organizations now organizing relief efforts on the ground in Syria, to help our brothers and sisters facing death and destruction in Nor Kyugh and throughout Aleppo.

To support the AGBU Humanitarian Emergency Relief Fund, please visithttps://donate.agbu.org/agbu-urgent-appeal.

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